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Chubhi hai ek tanz seene mein(Pain poetry)

These days, I am not really finding time to write any poem. I heard that people write when they are sad or disturbed / happy or in joy but with me, if I am sad.. or too happy then I can’t write anything. 🙂 Every poem I write is outcome few lines which floats in my mind and then I convert them into a Poem.
Prior to this, there was a nice POEM I wrote but got lost somehow. Someday, I will continue it.

Today, ikshayar is again thinking to write on the pain you feel inside you which appears if something is hitting hard on your heart. Hindi mein.. Seene mein jaise kuch chubhta hai. Title I have chosen is “Chubbi hai tanz seene mein”.
Reason of such pain can be anything so lets get started. ..

Hume malum hai ki koi nahi jaanta,
Hume malum hai ki kisi ko nahin shubaah,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Zakhm hua ab gehra, Mili ek hai ek saza,
Gunehgaar bane hum, koi thi nahin khata,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Kisi nae nahin jana, zamane ab aur na sata,
Saans atki hai halaq mein,iss fande ko hata,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Jaan naa payega yeh jahaan..
ikShayar ko bhi iska gham kahaan…
Bass rahegi ek tees seene mein..
Ki unhe tha nahi isk gumaan…

Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Dard e judai shayari Dard-e-dil shayari


May 6, 2007 at 2:40 pm 4 comments

Izzat naa raas aayi (Sher)-Gham ek sachche pyar ka-SMS

These two lines are inspired by  a news published yesterday in News paper. In that a boy killed his lover because he loved her a lot but she was always having doubt on him. Brief of story was that, boy was fed up of giving proof of his loyalty for her & she was not giving back her same level of affection as the boy was giving.
Well, a sad end to a love story. Anyways, these two lines describe the pain of boy…

Dee jo itni mohabbat, phir bhi di usne ruswai…
Nahi kismat unke yeh ibadat, usse izzat naa raas aayi !!

अब देवनागरी में

दी जो इतनी मोहब्बत, फिर भी दी उसने रुसवाई,

नहीं किस्मत उनके ये इबादत, उसे इज्ज़त न रास आई |

Friendship shayari hindi urdu, Dard Shayari in Punjabi

March 15, 2007 at 7:15 am Leave a comment

छूट चुकी है रेलःहिन्दी कविताः(Hindi kavita-shayari)-Wahi Khamoshi Chaayi hai

Title of my poems are usually long like movies of Karan Johar 🙂 . But actually I want it to be descriptive as much as possible and also it will be good in for readers to decide to go for it or not though I want people to read my all poem and give their reviews as well suggestions on it.

निम्नलिखित कविता को आगे हिन्दी (देवनागरी) में भी लिखुगां|

So inspiration of this poem is like this..
I had not much chance to travel through railways but recently, I had to drop one of my known one to a railway station, In India its usual in delay of trains and hence this train was on platform for half hour opposed to its 10 mins expected stay. I was talking to that person for half and it was a not so busy station, more over it was late night then.
Everything was crowded & lots of movements because of that but once it left platform…

My poem is all about that ..

Jaa chuke hain sab aur wahi khamoshi chaayi hai,
Pasara hain har oar sannata, tanhai muskurai hai..

Chhoot chuki hai rail,
Chand lamho ki toh baat thi,

kya raunak thi yahaan,
Jaisi Saji koi mehfil khaas thi!!

Ajnabi thae chehre saare,
Phir bhi unse mulaaqaat thi..

Bheji thi kisi ne apnayiyat,
Salam mein woh kya baat thi..

Ek pal thae aap Jaise Kausar,
Ab bachi akeli raat thi…

Chalo ab laut chale yahan sae,
chhoot chuki hai rail
Yeh ab guzari baat thi…

Urte kaghaz,karte bayan,
Inki bhi kisi sae ,
do pal pehle kuch baat thi…

Barr chale kadam,
kanare un pateriyon
kahani jinke roz ye saath thi…

Phir aayegi dooji rail,
phir cheeregi ye sannnata,
jaise zindagi sae phir mulaqat thi…

phir luatenge aur ,
bhari kadmo sae, jaise
koi gehri see baat thi.

Chhoot chuki hai rail,
Ab sirf kaali syaha raat thi.

अब इसी कविता को देवनागरी में लिखा गया है


March 6, 2007 at 10:44 am 139 comments

Ek nayi kavita bhakti ki (Shayari in Hindi)

O mere palanhaar, yaha sab andhkaar hai ..

Mujhe teri jyot ka ujala mile, bas yahi darkaar hai ..

Tere Kripa ki Drashti sadaiv kare rakhsha

O mere palanhaar, teri maya apaar hai …

Shayari Kataaksh Kavita

February 17, 2007 at 8:43 pm 54 comments

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