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Mujhe hai ahsaas ki woh nahi hai!

Lately I was reading few poems from various poets, I tried to adopt that way and here is another poem.
I think its longest one I ever wrote. Do comment please.

Ahsaas hai mujhe ki woh ab nahi hai
Nahi hai wo mere sang nahi hai..
Door toh woh tha hee .. Magar ..
Magar ab woh hai hee nahi hai !!
Hai nahi koi umeed fir bhi .. kyun…
Nazar meri kuch dhoondh rahi hai ?.
Dhoondhna chahti hai kyun ab bhi woh..
uske lavzo me mera naam jo ab wahan nahi hai !
Wahan kuch surkh ho gaya hai ya..
Yahan kuch khalti kami hai ?
Khalti hai nazar mujhe meri .. Jo
Harr taraf teri hi nazar dhoondh rahi hai !
Mujhe ahsaas hai ki teri hansi mein ..
Hai chhupi meri hansi hai !

August 11, 2007 at 10:12 pm 28 comments

Saza maine payi per gunegaar toh nahin..(dard pyar shayri)

Every other day I come up with few interesting lines and wanted to convert them into poems but I am failing in that again and again.

Kaise aage badhe hum jab
manzil hi hamari kahin peeche thahar gayi !
Gazur rahe thae jab uske paas sae..
na usne roka, naa usne awas di, sirf khamosh reh gayi !

The above one are those which I wrote few days ago, there are few others too but as new one comes, old ones lost there charm. Today I am thinking to complete above one ie. add something in them. So lets try: (more…)

August 4, 2007 at 7:52 pm 17 comments

Mere ishq ki kaifiyat.. (urdu sms shayari)

Today wrote few lines just as part of jugalbandi…Hope can fit for someone to send as SMS. Nothing big in those lines but what all it shows that you should believe in your LOVE & should be firm in what you believe.

Kaifiyat mere ishq mein itni hai,
Door jaa jaaker bhi tuh laut k ayegi,
Nahi mitega mera saya tere ankho se,
Harr ashq mein tu apne mujhe hi payegi !!!

urdu Hindi love shayari

August 4, 2007 at 1:26 pm 36 comments

Aaj ek Sms k liye Shayari hai

Not everytime you can write a big poem, sometimes small words are more than enough. Today I am with small one, a small one to fit in sms.

Baigane sab ho jate hain

Jab hum akele hote hain ..
Sab kitne begaine sae ho jate hain
Jo apne nahin thae woh bhi
Asaani sae ansu de jaate hain !

August 3, 2007 at 11:01 pm 9 comments

Kash hum bezuban hote!- ik Shayari

Word Poetry itself says a thousand of things, whenever you hear it, I am sure you can feel the waves in your mind of soothing words.

Today I have poem which is asking to get “Bezubaan” so that even if there is pain, can’t express and because can’t express so its intensity will not be same as always. We many times use “Bezubaan” for animals because they can’t speak. Even if it is in pain, you can hardly guess it. If you want to feel then put yourself there to understand the force. Literally, Bezubaan means one who cannot speak.

So here is the poem:

Kash hum bezubaan hote,
Naa fir gham yun bayaan hote !!

Kash naa hoti zindagi ki samajh,
Naa fir yun afsaane jawaan hote !!

Kash naa khwahish hoti kuch paane ki,
Naa fir kuch khone k gham yahan hote !!

Gar tod jaata koi ashiyaaN humara,
Fir bhi khoobsurat saare samaan hote !!

Lut Jaati gar Roshni-e-zindagi,
Fir bhi andhere naa yahan hote !!

Toot-te hue bhi be-shubhaah hote !
Kash hum bezubaan hote !!
Kash hum bezubaan hote !!

Ok, so that was the poem, will write it in Devnagri soon!
Thank you for reading it.
Urdu Hindi funny shayari

July 2, 2007 at 8:05 am 17 comments

Achanak Khamoshi Chhayi hai !

This one is little more experimental from me, you can see I have tried some poetic sense which may not sound poetic to many but I find it nice. I wrote it when I was not really thinking to write anything. Bass.. Shayarana andaaz ho gaya hai.
The lines below are about the life which when changes then can ruin everything on the other hand its also a phase of life which one may face anytime and can’t blame anyone !!

Kitna shaur tha, kitni garmahat thi mahaul mein !
Hass rahe thae woh aur khushi thi hamare bol mein !
Ki ek angraai lee zindagi ne, apni taaqat dikhayi !!
Dhamm sae dhamak dee,achanak Khamoshi Chaayi !!

Chhayi aisi khamoshi ki phir naa koi dastak kaam aayi !
Thamm sae gaye kadam, koi raah bhi samajh naa aayi !!
Nazar lagi kisi-ki yaa ye pehlu ek aur inn rahoN kaa…
Jisne bujha di lau woh jis pe thi kabhi zindagi jhilmilayi !!

Shall write it in Devnagri script soon !
Hindi Love shayari

June 19, 2007 at 5:58 am 4 comments

Tanahiyaan bhi nahi naseeb gham manane ko

Aapke nazar ek Nazm hai, kaafi dino baad likh raha hun, waise toh inn dino bohot kuch likhne ko jee chaha lekin ain waqt pe jee uchaat hota rah.

Now the poem below I am posting is about a person who wants to be alone for sometimes so that can cry as he is sad but he is saying, how miserable condition he is facing that he is not even having place where he can take out all his pain where no one can see him with tears.

Tanhaiyaan bhi naa mayassar ki hum jee bhar k role,
Manale gham thora sa, k ansuoN ko bhar bhar ke role,

Ansoon jo bahe sare rah, kaise hum unhe chippayen..
Naraaz hai tanhaiyaan ki kaise hum ansuoN ko manaye ..

Beh jo gaye toh mushkil hoga duniya ko samjhana,
Mil jo jaye hume tanhai phir tuh ae ansooN zaroor aana ..

Lekin hai pabandi in ansuoN pe ki aise hi naa chale aana
Zarra tadapane dena humare jazbo ko tab tum aana !!

Chalo ikshayar ab nikle hum dhoondne tanhai k ab role..
Manale gham thora sa, k ansuoN ko bhar bhar ke role,


April 16, 2007 at 10:03 pm 5 comments

Aisa hi hota hai-Judai dard poetry / shayri in Urdu

I am again with a poem. This time its about JUDAI.. and a most common scenerio where people takes care about someone a lot but the other one always doubts.. that he is not given proper importance. Hence describing feeling first one when things get too messed up.

Aisa hi hota hai…
K jisko jitna sambhalo..
Utna hi door chala woh jata hai !

Yakeen naa aaye ek bargi,
Lekin aisa wakyaa bhi hota hai …
Rota hai koi tootkar tanhai mein,
Phir bhi duniya mein woh hasta hai …

Lagta hai jaise mitai thi hasti,
Sab jaise ab hara hua sa lagta hai ..
Jaane kitne wade liye-diye,
Chhootne pe sab bojhil sa dikhta hai…

Aisa hi hota hai..
K jisko jitna sambhalo,
Utna hi door chala woh jata hai !


April 5, 2007 at 8:58 pm 76 comments

Mein khush hun mere ansuon pe naa jana! (Dard e dil poetry / shayri)

Mein khush hun mere ansuon pe naa jana !

These lines always inspired me, how beautifully in one simple line “Anand Bakshi ji” poured all the pain of a lovable heart but still saying that I am happy, don’t worry about me. I have not seen this movie, neither heard that song completely, yet those lines often get recalled.

Just to add here, these lines are from Movie – Milan released 1967 starring Sunil Datt and Nootan.

Why I am mentioning all this here? Well, I am thinking to write a poem for that sad mood when you have to be happy yet you are sad / very sad deep within your heart.

My attempt : A shayri

Ab dard mein bhi sukun aata hai !

Tuh khush rahe toh mein muskuraunga..
Kahin bhi ho tu, tujhe naa bhulaunga ..
Mere gham ka tuh dard naa lena…
K iss dard mein bhi mein sukun paunga..

Jaake tuh khoja unn haseen wadiyon mein,
Na tujhe inn andhere mein bulaunga..
Tuh khush rahe toh hee mein jee paunga ..
K iss dard mein bhi sukun paunga !!!

Jaa chali jaa durr iss ghane kohre sae,
Khule asma mein tere geet gungunaunga..
Tuh khush rahe toh hee mein chain paunga..
K iss dard mein bhi sukun paunga !!!

zindagi shayri

March 1, 2007 at 11:18 pm 5 comments

Judai shayari

Mein judai ke gham ko peeta raha..

woh toh thae ek aaftab sae roshan rahe..

February 8, 2007 at 6:38 pm 334 comments

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