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Pyar ki paimaish ek sms mein

I was asked by my friend to write few lines for him & he wanted to send those line to someone special for him. He simply asked that how can he show that his Love for someone is everything.
I made few simple lines and are below :

Chand lavz hum ukere kaaghaz pe,
K ik farmaish farmai unhone !!
Likh diya naam hi unka humne,
Jo maangi pyaar ki paimaish unhone !!

अब इसे देवनागरी में लिखें तोः

चंद लव्ज़ हम उकेरें काग़ज़ पे,
के इक फरमाइश फरमाई उन्होनें !
लिख दिया नाम ही उनका हमनें,
जो मागीं प्यार की पैमाइश उन्हानें !

So, I will explain it now, here she asked him to write something about intensity of his love for her. So.. He wrote her NAME because for him.. even her name means LOVE, devotion & dedication.. !!


May 16, 2007 at 5:41 pm 16 comments

Chubhi hai ek tanz seene mein(Pain poetry)

These days, I am not really finding time to write any poem. I heard that people write when they are sad or disturbed / happy or in joy but with me, if I am sad.. or too happy then I can’t write anything. 🙂 Every poem I write is outcome few lines which floats in my mind and then I convert them into a Poem.
Prior to this, there was a nice POEM I wrote but got lost somehow. Someday, I will continue it.

Today, ikshayar is again thinking to write on the pain you feel inside you which appears if something is hitting hard on your heart. Hindi mein.. Seene mein jaise kuch chubhta hai. Title I have chosen is “Chubbi hai tanz seene mein”.
Reason of such pain can be anything so lets get started. ..

Hume malum hai ki koi nahi jaanta,
Hume malum hai ki kisi ko nahin shubaah,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Zakhm hua ab gehra, Mili ek hai ek saza,
Gunehgaar bane hum, koi thi nahin khata,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Kisi nae nahin jana, zamane ab aur na sata,
Saans atki hai halaq mein,iss fande ko hata,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Jaan naa payega yeh jahaan..
ikShayar ko bhi iska gham kahaan…
Bass rahegi ek tees seene mein..
Ki unhe tha nahi isk gumaan…

Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Dard e judai shayari Dard-e-dil shayari

May 6, 2007 at 2:40 pm 4 comments

Aisa hi hota hai-Judai dard poetry / shayri in Urdu

I am again with a poem. This time its about JUDAI.. and a most common scenerio where people takes care about someone a lot but the other one always doubts.. that he is not given proper importance. Hence describing feeling first one when things get too messed up.

Aisa hi hota hai…
K jisko jitna sambhalo..
Utna hi door chala woh jata hai !

Yakeen naa aaye ek bargi,
Lekin aisa wakyaa bhi hota hai …
Rota hai koi tootkar tanhai mein,
Phir bhi duniya mein woh hasta hai …

Lagta hai jaise mitai thi hasti,
Sab jaise ab hara hua sa lagta hai ..
Jaane kitne wade liye-diye,
Chhootne pe sab bojhil sa dikhta hai…

Aisa hi hota hai..
K jisko jitna sambhalo,
Utna hi door chala woh jata hai !


April 5, 2007 at 8:58 pm 76 comments

kahan aa gaye hum- Hindi sher shayari

Wow !….
This is reaction when I hear old songs of our Bollywood movies. This time.. “Yeh kahan aa gaye hum” from movie Silsila (1981).
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar ..
Nicely compiled lines and as I said Wow ! already so nothing more left to say. Can be a good inspiration.
So lets get Inspired

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
… Kaise hain ye raaste jo chal diye in pe hum
Manzar kaisa hai yahan
… Jo dekhe bin ho gaye yahan k musafir hum

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum
…. Luat k jaana bhi chahen phir bhi yahan hain hum
Bhula naa paayen woh pal
…. Chhooti woh zindagi per kaise bhulaye isse hum !!!

Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum!
Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum!

Funny Shayari Hindi Urdu
Friendship Poetry Shayari

March 25, 2007 at 5:59 pm 34 comments

Romatic Poetry: Romance ie. Rumaniyat ki Shayari

Today, I am thinking to write a poem on the mood of love. Those moments when you find everything of your love ADORABLE, even complaints, everything is full of romance or rumaniyat.

Yun muskuraya mera dil, Ki tujhpe pyar aaya ae mere dil,
Tuhi toh hai woh mera dil, Dhadkane jiski yahan mere dil,
Mere ankhon mein tuh jhaank, mohabbaat sae zyada mohabbat,
Dil ki woh aag dikhegi tujhe jo hai sirf tere liye ae mere dil..

Dil ko seene mein dabaye rakha per dhadakta sirf tere liye ye dil,
Tera toh naam hai mere iss dil, awaas teri bhi yahan hai iss dil,
Aaaja mere tuh iss dil, ki mil jayen phir yeh do dil,
Tujhko phir na karne dun mein shikwa ki humdono hain ek dil !!

Now you might find it confusing but just read it again with the fact in mind that I am using “dil” for my heart as well “dil” to name my loved one. Now Hope you can see the beauty :).

Love hindi shayar Gujarati

March 11, 2007 at 5:54 pm 17 comments

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