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Kuch alfaaz zindagi ki ek maud par

Below I am just sharing two lines, there is not much to describe about them. These are just two lines, however if you read them then I expect you to say something about them or atleast what they convey to you!

Meri Zindagi par mera akhtiyaar naa raha,
Har mausam apne hi rang mein mujhe bighota gaya!


April 19, 2011 at 12:17 pm 18 comments

Shayari paagalpan hai, shayari fitoor hai !

Here is new work for you, it took me around one hour to make this poem. The idea behind this poem is very simple and which I used to see every where.

Its about a poet and his relation with poetry. For most of the people, poetry is just wastage of time, infact once I used to look over it as something without any purpose but when I myself went into it, I realize that its not easy it looks, it has its own science, its own way.. Not everyone can write good, neither everyone can understand. In poetry you have to deploy your heart along with your mind and then only beautiful words floats around you creating beautiful aroma not only for your but for the people who read it.

Hence below is one urdu/ hindi poetry about the poetry and its various kind of reader as well as writer. Let see how my reader will take it.

Shayari pagalpan hai yaa nahi, isi ko maine neeche apni kuch alfaanzoN ke zariye pesh kiya hai, aage padhe aur batayein apki raya.

Shayari ko koi fitoor bole,
Koi bole paagal pan,
Toh koi isse beja dastoor bole !!

Likh kar kuch lafz syahi se,
Rangeen kar diya kaagaz,
Kuch ke liye mahez alfaaz..
Parr koi isse noor bole!! (more…)

September 28, 2010 at 2:00 pm 5 comments

Ab bass khamoshi! (Reason to Silence)An Urdu Poem

Once this place was filled with new poetries every now and then but now I rarely write anything here but I do come daily and visit this place to see what is going on my this “corner” on web.

Below are few lines I am sharing, I hope dear readers will like it.

Iss Khamoshi pe mat jana,
ToofaaN sae guzar k aaya hun maiN !!

Cheen le gaya mujhko mujhse hi,
Ya shayad khud ko hi bhool aaya hun maiN !!

Be sabab-Be wajah ab lagein mehfillen,
Wajah ae Ishrat shayad luta aaya hun meiN !!

Mehazur iss duniya sae ya huN khoya khoya,
Shayad issar ae zindagi chorr aaya huN meiN !!

Jo leke aaya, wo hai khamoshi,
ab bass kh’mush, kavish ae mehzoozi gavaaN aaya huN meiN !!


Shayari e Dard Urdu Shayari Indian Forum

February 5, 2008 at 5:26 pm 6 comments

Saza maine payi per gunegaar toh nahin..(dard pyar shayri)

Every other day I come up with few interesting lines and wanted to convert them into poems but I am failing in that again and again.

Kaise aage badhe hum jab
manzil hi hamari kahin peeche thahar gayi !
Gazur rahe thae jab uske paas sae..
na usne roka, naa usne awas di, sirf khamosh reh gayi !

The above one are those which I wrote few days ago, there are few others too but as new one comes, old ones lost there charm. Today I am thinking to complete above one ie. add something in them. So lets try: (more…)

August 4, 2007 at 7:52 pm 17 comments

Tanha Muzafir tha!

One more poem dedicated to my dear readers. Read on and do comments please. I will write it later in English script too.

एक तन्हा मुसाफिर था,
राहों पे यूं चलते हुये
अपनी ही धुन में ग़ाफिल था

आयी लहर थी कुछ सपनों की,
नए राहें रौशनी उसने भी
देखी थी वहां झलक अपनों की

अन्जान न था वो दुनिया के दस्तूर से,
वो टूटते जज्बो़ से देखे
इन्सानी चेहरे होते बेनूर से

फिर शामिल वो भी था उस जमात में,
बनते जहां कम ही फसाने
पर मिटते ज़रूर चन्द क़दमात में

था कभी मशगूल अपनी ही बातों में,
चाहें हो तन्हा वो लेकिन
त‍ल्लीन था अपनी ही सौगातों मे

आया फिर एक हवा का झौंका,
बनते हुये तमाम एहसास
अलफाज़ को ऐसा उसने रोका

और भी तन्हा दिन,अकेली रातें थीं,
तन्हा तो वो था पर अब
उसकी अपनीं तन्हाईयां भी न उसके हाथों थी

एक बार फिर तन्हा मुसाफिर था,
झूठे हुये सारे माइने
टूट चुका जिंदगी का उसकी नाफिर था
Hindi Shayari

June 10, 2007 at 9:54 pm 8 comments

Jab Bhookh lage ikShayar ko(Humour in Hindi)

It happens so many times that I am hungry or its time for food and I am sitting on internet, moreover there are then few lines .. few good lines striking in my mind and I want to make some poetry using them. You know that when you have a Shayarana Mizaaj then kabhi bhi.. kahin bhi good lines can strike your mind, either write them down instantly or loose them.
I had few lines in my mind a moment ago but I am hungry also.. also its late and I must take food but in all this .. I forgot those lines..

So I am thinking to write few lines on this situation..

Jab ikShayar ko bhook lagti hai..
Machalti hai tabyat.. jab bhook lagti hai..
Karti hai khilwaar woh mere khayaloN se..
Per Zaruri bhi hai jo bhook lagti hai !!

Dekhiye kitne ajeeb waqt pe bhook lagti hai,
Tasavvur ek behtreen nazm magar bhook lagti hai…
Bhula jaati hai sare piroye thae jo lavz
Lagti hai toh itni shiddat sae bhook lagti hai !!

Soche ikShayar jo usse bhook lagti hai..
Kaise karun Nazar andaaz jo bhook lagti hai..
Chale meri kalam, meri zindagi ki zarurat..
Ji haan.. Bahot zaruri hai hume bhook lagti hai !!

Bole mera andar ka badan jab bhook lagti hai..
Kahna ye nazm baad mein,isse ab bhook lagti hai..
Uthe ab hum, kare kuch bohot Zaruri kaam,
Bina derr khaa liya jaaye khana ki bhook lagti hai !!

And.. just to tell you all, I am real hungry, shall write it again in Devnagri script after doing such a important work.. ie. Eating !

June 5, 2007 at 6:01 pm 2 comments

मेरे दर्द का तुझे निशां भी न मिलेगा-इकशायर

From many days, I am not able to post any poetry. Today lets try, something small.. for sms..
Theme.. ok.. about a true lover!

Mere dard ka tujhe koi nishaN naa milega,
Dhoondoge toh ek zarra bhi naa milega !!
Mit chuka woh hai dard dujoN ka mitane….
Band teri ankhein..Unhe shubah bhi na milega !!

This one come out to be a sad one?

अब इसे देवनागरी में पढ़ें –

June 3, 2007 at 5:10 pm 9 comments

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