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जवान औरत-अनकही व्‍यथा

Same old thing, I do not write any more but sometimes I comes here with few odd creations, my experimentations…

Today, I am here with my attempt for a Hindi Poem. The topic of this POEM may be unheard to many. May be most of the people never noticed. Its about girls those just entered the adulthood or simply say, just grown up to girl from a child. I never saw any discussion about this topic ever, be it internet or real life. The topic is the situation of a young girl who is just grown up and find it hard to manage with those prying eyes which trying to look at her as if they are trying to unclad through eyes only.. They soon start to learn to be alert always and observing the people looking at them and trying to cover themselves though they are already well clothed.
Even if they don’t want they are still keeping note of how people are looking at them. Though with times it get normal but it is always there.
Not every person is looking at your with those x ray eyes but those few bad eyes makes them feel every one as suspect.

I am not sure how girl will take this poem I have tried to convey a problem which almost all girls face but they are never told that how to handle it. So I called it [b]Ankahi Vyatha[/b] ..

Jawaan aurat main bani,
yeh tan, yeh dheh kaya aisi nikhari..
Ki jaa ke kahan mein chippu,
Sankuchai si ki kaise teer drashti se bachun,
Mano mere tan nagn,
Kaise  swem ko surakshit mein rakhun?
Geedar samaan jaise mujhe woh ankhon se nochen..
Kya maine kiya koi apraadh..
Kyun mein iss apraadhbodh sang jeevan rachun?
Jo bachpan beeta laga mujhe
Ab nayi srashti mere angne pankh phelayegi..
Par maalum naa tha ki krur satya bhi saath layegi
Jaise lage ki har pal ek yudh ho
Aur nayan mere Yoddha evam
Har uss totalti drashti ke wo avruddh ho
Yeh kaisi vyatha ghir aayi
Abhi toh bachpan langha ..fir
Kyun ankahi duvidha maine payi
Kya mein Jawaan Aurat mein bani …
Aur mujhpe ye dandatmak karyewahi???????

Please give your views and specially girls are invited to say something about thought.
And in the last .. Please accept my apologies if I mis-represented any feeling or sentiments here. I will be more than happy if dear readers give their suggestion regarding this topic and explanation.

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August 15, 2008 at 8:58 pm 14 comments

The Peace of Sleep-Sone Ka waqt:Shayari

Sleep sometimes works as a medicine. Life is full of ups and down but when you goto sleep then no matter how bad your day was, after a sound sleep you wakes up fresh and again ready to fight the world with new spirit.
Before going to sleep we usually thinks about whole day activities and sometimes plans for next day but rather than thinking about all this, we should remember that sleep is precious.
I have compiled few simple lines which just reminds you that Sleep is Important as other necessities of life.

Below are small lines and I could have modified and make them little more poetic I want to see them as they are…. with no fuzz.So here they are :

Chalo so jayen,
Chalo kho jayen,
Bhool jayen Zindagi ki jaddhojahad,
Ankhen band kar,
Kuch derr k liye hi sahi,
Dooor dushwarion se,
Khwabon ki duniya mein,
Gum ho jayen,
Chalo So jayen
Chalo kho Jayen !!


So those were few lines talking about the sleep.

April 23, 2008 at 1:22 pm 13 comments

Today is 14th February:The Valentines Day! Ek Kavita Hindi mein ..

Today is Valentines day, the 14th February, may be a day for lots of excitement for many. There are many stories regarding how Valentines day came in existence, however it is clear that there was a person named St. Valentines. But every year I see different story about the origin of Valentines Day. So in brief from the latest story I came to know about Valentines day, it was that in Rome in ancient times, a king for some reason imposed ban on marriage then it was St. Valentines who was helping people to marry and then he was caught. He used to say that there No Life Without Love. In cell, daughter of the King used to visit him as she was impressed a lot. He was sentenced to death by the king. Both gradually developed affection for each other and then the final day came. Just before his death he wrote a letter to the daughter of King.. the letter has final lines saying :

“Accept the Love of your Valentines”

So,may be I can write a small poem for the above story but in Hindi this time. As always, I am not regular to my this corner on the web. But atleast I should write something on day of love. I wrote on Independence day and few others so should write on Valentines day too.

व्यथा है, एक कथा है, प्रेम की सदैव यही प्र‍था है,
वर्ष बीते अनेक किंतु प्रेम बलिदान ने इतिहास रचा है,
प्रीत रीत उस भले मानस की,आज भी प्रेरणास्त्रोत उंचा है,

कितने राजे आये,प्रेम पंरपरा न डिगा पाये,
कोयल सी इस कूक को, गीदड़बग्घी से न उरा पाये,
कष्ट, पीड़ा की न सीमा,पर न कोई इसे मिटा पाये,

प्रेम दिवस है नाम दिया, संत ने जीवनदान दिया,
पाठ पढ़ाया, प्रेम बिना न कोई जीवन,
प्रेमपथ रोड़ा उस मृत्यु को भी सम्मान दिया,

व्यथा है, एक कथा है, प्रेम की सदैव यही प्र‍था है,
कभी रुप वेलेंटांइस, कभी जन मानस ब्यार,
बहती गंगा मानिंद ये प्रेम कभी न रुका है

So above was my little try, I know there are many who can understand hindi but can’t read it so I am typing again in English fonts..

Vyatha hai, ek katha hai, prem ki sadaiv yahi pratha hai,
Beete varsha anek kintu prem balidan ne itihaas racha hai,
Preet reet uss bhale maanas ki, aaj bhi prerna srot uncha hai,

February 14, 2008 at 6:13 am 17 comments

Mahatma Gandhi pe Hindi Kavita

Here I compile small poem on Mahtama Gandhi. Father of Nation. Its in Hindi.

Desh k liye jisne vilas ko thukraya tha,
Tyag videshi dhage usne khud hi khaadi banaya tha,
Pehen k kaath ki chappal jisne Satyagrahe ka raag sunaya tha..
Desh ka tha anmol wo deepak jo “Mahatman” Kehlaya that.

You can use this poem to send via sms on 2nd October ie. the birthday of Gandhi Ji. Infact I wrote it sms only.
Watan Shayari-deshbakti shayari communtiy

September 26, 2007 at 8:21 pm 60 comments

Bharat Maa Tujhe Pranaam(Kavita Deshbhakti Ras mein)

I wanted to way something on Independence day but really never completed it. I wrote few lines but now only remembers to complete it. Its still Independence day so I am not really late.
This time, will try pure Hindi so outcome may not be so perfect.

So there is poem Devoted to Bharat Maa

Bharat Maa Tujhe Pranaam

O maa teri hum santaan
Tune jo diya hume ..
Teri har den k liye tujhe Pranaam

Teri hi goad humari palanhaar
Natmastak hum tere
Maa ki mamta apaar

O maa tujhse hai prarthna
Ek sur me hum fir bandhe
Gunje fir ekta ki garjana

Jaise pushp sare ek daal k wasi
ke antarman mein ho sada
deshprem ki bhawna aisi

Kartavya sae naa koi hathe pare
Desh hith desh samman hetu
Nagrik harr ek desh ka aage bare !!

Kare raksha, na bache koi vyatha
Bharat maa ke hridaya mile sukh
Har aur gunje bass yahi naveen gatha !!

Dharam Jati se upar
O maa ho akela tera hi naam..
Bharat maa tujhe pranaam !!

So that was the short simple Hindi Kavita, I wish to write more but seems I am already late and do not want to delay more. I hope readers are going to enjoy it.
Patriotic Poetry Indian

August 15, 2007 at 6:38 pm 69 comments

Ek Hasya Kavita Pati ki Lachari pe(Humour poetry)

I happened to compile following poem incidently, found it nice enough to share here.
This is about the problem of all PATIs (husbands) who has to face whole world but still Wives thinks that they are having fun outside and even doubt on them.
This poem is not really in any standard language, it is actually mixture of Hindi-Urdu-English to give it a humorous put ! I hope you shall enjoy it.

Subhah savere roz duty bajani hai, !
Thakaan ho yaa ho beemari ..
Lekin fir bhi hamesha yahi kahani hai, !

Soche kabhi toh, mile usse kuch araam,
Mile kuch rahat in bandishoN se ..
Use lekein fir bhi sada fileN banani hain !

Chilchalati dhoop mein roz usse hai jana,
Lut-ta chaein uss pyari neend kaa..
Lekin logoN ko lage ki mast zind-gani hai !

Impression dikhana bhai boss ko..
Acchha aur energetic lage tan va mann..
Suite-boot-perfume ki hi toh sab mehrbaani hai !

Pohonche fir woh daftar, dekhe kaghaz farr farr,
Jhele kitne hi undekhe-sune fasane
Bechare ko kabhi boss toh kabhi client se banani hai !

Iss beech poore din jaane kitne shor,
Jaane kitne shigoofe woh dekhe ..
Din bhar sekroN baar apni kabilyat bhi toh Jamani hai !

choor choor ho jata hai dimaag ka system,
Shaam tak Sharir bhi karta hai malfunction,
Fir bhi ghar jaakar biwi ko muskaan dikhani hai !

Bechara bhook se mara, tan bhi kare ishara
Ki mile kuch khaas usko ki thaka bechara..
Lekin ghar laut kar wahi roz roz daal khani hai !

Ados pados mein jo sharmji-varma ji hai..
Ho unse bhi dosti bane bhaichara..
Wajah yahi ki society mein bhi toh image Banai hai !!

Bahar ki duniya woh jhele
aur ghar pe bhi shaanti banani hai..
Lekin iss parr bhi BIWI
…….ko Pareshani hai !!
…………………Pareshani hai !!

Dard shayari | Funny Shayari

June 20, 2007 at 5:12 pm 20 comments

Achanak Khamoshi Chhayi hai !

This one is little more experimental from me, you can see I have tried some poetic sense which may not sound poetic to many but I find it nice. I wrote it when I was not really thinking to write anything. Bass.. Shayarana andaaz ho gaya hai.
The lines below are about the life which when changes then can ruin everything on the other hand its also a phase of life which one may face anytime and can’t blame anyone !!

Kitna shaur tha, kitni garmahat thi mahaul mein !
Hass rahe thae woh aur khushi thi hamare bol mein !
Ki ek angraai lee zindagi ne, apni taaqat dikhayi !!
Dhamm sae dhamak dee,achanak Khamoshi Chaayi !!

Chhayi aisi khamoshi ki phir naa koi dastak kaam aayi !
Thamm sae gaye kadam, koi raah bhi samajh naa aayi !!
Nazar lagi kisi-ki yaa ye pehlu ek aur inn rahoN kaa…
Jisne bujha di lau woh jis pe thi kabhi zindagi jhilmilayi !!

Shall write it in Devnagri script soon !
Hindi Love shayari

June 19, 2007 at 5:58 am 4 comments

Tanha Muzafir tha!

One more poem dedicated to my dear readers. Read on and do comments please. I will write it later in English script too.

एक तन्हा मुसाफिर था,
राहों पे यूं चलते हुये
अपनी ही धुन में ग़ाफिल था

आयी लहर थी कुछ सपनों की,
नए राहें रौशनी उसने भी
देखी थी वहां झलक अपनों की

अन्जान न था वो दुनिया के दस्तूर से,
वो टूटते जज्बो़ से देखे
इन्सानी चेहरे होते बेनूर से

फिर शामिल वो भी था उस जमात में,
बनते जहां कम ही फसाने
पर मिटते ज़रूर चन्द क़दमात में

था कभी मशगूल अपनी ही बातों में,
चाहें हो तन्हा वो लेकिन
त‍ल्लीन था अपनी ही सौगातों मे

आया फिर एक हवा का झौंका,
बनते हुये तमाम एहसास
अलफाज़ को ऐसा उसने रोका

और भी तन्हा दिन,अकेली रातें थीं,
तन्हा तो वो था पर अब
उसकी अपनीं तन्हाईयां भी न उसके हाथों थी

एक बार फिर तन्हा मुसाफिर था,
झूठे हुये सारे माइने
टूट चुका जिंदगी का उसकी नाफिर था
Hindi Shayari

June 10, 2007 at 9:54 pm 8 comments

मेरे दर्द का तुझे निशां भी न मिलेगा-इकशायर

From many days, I am not able to post any poetry. Today lets try, something small.. for sms..
Theme.. ok.. about a true lover!

Mere dard ka tujhe koi nishaN naa milega,
Dhoondoge toh ek zarra bhi naa milega !!
Mit chuka woh hai dard dujoN ka mitane….
Band teri ankhein..Unhe shubah bhi na milega !!

This one come out to be a sad one?

अब इसे देवनागरी में पढ़ें –

June 3, 2007 at 5:10 pm 9 comments

Mein Madhosh nahin hoon

Here are few lines from me. These lines are about a person who looks fine but actually he is not. He is pretending to be fine and lively but actually even his senses are not in his control.

So we may continue now ..
First I will write in Devnagri script ie. HINDI then shall write it in English script.

लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं

बिन मय बहकें मेरे क़दम,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

दिखे अनजाने सारे जाने चेहरे,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

जब तब थम जाये सोच मेरी,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

हर दूजे पल बहके धङकन मेरी,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

ख़ाली जैसे सारे जज्ब़ मेरे,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

निहारे एक-टक उस छोर आंखे मेरी,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

दौङे है सिहरन यूं जिस्म मेरे,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

नहीं है मुझे होश मेरा ,
लेकिन फिर भी मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |


May 30, 2007 at 10:22 pm 4 comments

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