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Mein Madhosh nahin hoon

Here are few lines from me. These lines are about a person who looks fine but actually he is not. He is pretending to be fine and lively but actually even his senses are not in his control.

So we may continue now ..
First I will write in Devnagri script ie. HINDI then shall write it in English script.

लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं

बिन मय बहकें मेरे क़दम,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

दिखे अनजाने सारे जाने चेहरे,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

जब तब थम जाये सोच मेरी,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

हर दूजे पल बहके धङकन मेरी,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

ख़ाली जैसे सारे जज्ब़ मेरे,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

निहारे एक-टक उस छोर आंखे मेरी,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

दौङे है सिहरन यूं जिस्म मेरे,
लेकिन मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |

नहीं है मुझे होश मेरा ,
लेकिन फिर भी मैं मदहोश नहीं हूं |


May 30, 2007 at 10:22 pm 4 comments

Tuh gham naa karr (ikshayar)

Tuh gham naa karr..
Teri mehak naa sahi ..
Teri aawas toh hai..
Tuh naa sahi
Terri harr baat toh hai !

tuh Gham naa karr..
teri justaju na sahi
teri wafa toh hai..
tera haath mere haath naa sahi
teri dua toh hai !!

I am now leaving for few days.. shall update this post later.

May 22, 2007 at 10:03 am 4 comments

Pyar ki paimaish ek sms mein

I was asked by my friend to write few lines for him & he wanted to send those line to someone special for him. He simply asked that how can he show that his Love for someone is everything.
I made few simple lines and are below :

Chand lavz hum ukere kaaghaz pe,
K ik farmaish farmai unhone !!
Likh diya naam hi unka humne,
Jo maangi pyaar ki paimaish unhone !!

अब इसे देवनागरी में लिखें तोः

चंद लव्ज़ हम उकेरें काग़ज़ पे,
के इक फरमाइश फरमाई उन्होनें !
लिख दिया नाम ही उनका हमनें,
जो मागीं प्यार की पैमाइश उन्हानें !

So, I will explain it now, here she asked him to write something about intensity of his love for her. So.. He wrote her NAME because for him.. even her name means LOVE, devotion & dedication.. !!

May 16, 2007 at 5:41 pm 16 comments

Asaan nahi ishq ki rawayat(A poetry for sms)

As all my dear readers know that I was not writing on my site from long. But now I think its not good to have more delays.. hence I wrote a poem “Chubbhi hai Tanz seene mein” on 6th may ie. two days back.
Have something for today also… This time a short poem which can fit a SMS ie. text message. I have named it as “AsaaN nahin ishq ki rawayat” .
Basically in these lines the person is asking God that why some get their love and some do not ? Why there is no equality ?
Then answer from God is that journey to LOVE is not easy and is never meant to be easy.

Maula sae mujhe shikayat hai,
Kyun nahin uski sab pe barabar inyayat hai !!
Humne maanga us-se sae pyaar humara…..
Kehta hai ae bande..AsaaN nahin ye rawayat hai !!

अब इसे देवनागरी में लिखतें हैं-

मौला से मुझे शिकायत है,
क्यों नहीं उसकी सब पे बराबर इनायत है् !!
हमने मांगा उस से प्यार हमारा…..
कहता है-ए बन्दे आसां नहीं ये रवायत है !!

Hindi Shayari Hindi Shayars

May 8, 2007 at 7:13 am 3 comments

Chubhi hai ek tanz seene mein(Pain poetry)

These days, I am not really finding time to write any poem. I heard that people write when they are sad or disturbed / happy or in joy but with me, if I am sad.. or too happy then I can’t write anything. 🙂 Every poem I write is outcome few lines which floats in my mind and then I convert them into a Poem.
Prior to this, there was a nice POEM I wrote but got lost somehow. Someday, I will continue it.

Today, ikshayar is again thinking to write on the pain you feel inside you which appears if something is hitting hard on your heart. Hindi mein.. Seene mein jaise kuch chubhta hai. Title I have chosen is “Chubbi hai tanz seene mein”.
Reason of such pain can be anything so lets get started. ..

Hume malum hai ki koi nahi jaanta,
Hume malum hai ki kisi ko nahin shubaah,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Zakhm hua ab gehra, Mili ek hai ek saza,
Gunehgaar bane hum, koi thi nahin khata,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Kisi nae nahin jana, zamane ab aur na sata,
Saans atki hai halaq mein,iss fande ko hata,
Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Jaan naa payega yeh jahaan..
ikShayar ko bhi iska gham kahaan…
Bass rahegi ek tees seene mein..
Ki unhe tha nahi isk gumaan…

Ki Dard hua iss dil mein..
Chubbhi hai ek tanz seene mein, Kisi ko nahi pata !!

Dard e judai shayari Dard-e-dil shayari

May 6, 2007 at 2:40 pm 4 comments

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