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Tanahiyaan bhi nahi naseeb gham manane ko

Aapke nazar ek Nazm hai, kaafi dino baad likh raha hun, waise toh inn dino bohot kuch likhne ko jee chaha lekin ain waqt pe jee uchaat hota rah.

Now the poem below I am posting is about a person who wants to be alone for sometimes so that can cry as he is sad but he is saying, how miserable condition he is facing that he is not even having place where he can take out all his pain where no one can see him with tears.

Tanhaiyaan bhi naa mayassar ki hum jee bhar k role,
Manale gham thora sa, k ansuoN ko bhar bhar ke role,

Ansoon jo bahe sare rah, kaise hum unhe chippayen..
Naraaz hai tanhaiyaan ki kaise hum ansuoN ko manaye ..

Beh jo gaye toh mushkil hoga duniya ko samjhana,
Mil jo jaye hume tanhai phir tuh ae ansooN zaroor aana ..

Lekin hai pabandi in ansuoN pe ki aise hi naa chale aana
Zarra tadapane dena humare jazbo ko tab tum aana !!

Chalo ikshayar ab nikle hum dhoondne tanhai k ab role..
Manale gham thora sa, k ansuoN ko bhar bhar ke role,


April 16, 2007 at 10:03 pm 5 comments

A request to those who want to use my Poems at their Websites.

I do not have any problem if people are going to use my poems on their website / blogs / forums untill they are giving full credits to me. But despite of repeated request, I again found my poems posted on other blogs without any credits towards me. This time they were “Hindi ki Kavita” & a humorous sms Shairy “Kyun log mobile khareedte hain”.

I, therefore, request that whenever using my poems, kindly give a linkback to my blog or give me full credits , simply mentioning “ikshayar” will also do .


April 12, 2007 at 9:16 am 1 comment

Aisa hi hota hai-Judai dard poetry / shayri in Urdu

I am again with a poem. This time its about JUDAI.. and a most common scenerio where people takes care about someone a lot but the other one always doubts.. that he is not given proper importance. Hence describing feeling first one when things get too messed up.

Aisa hi hota hai…
K jisko jitna sambhalo..
Utna hi door chala woh jata hai !

Yakeen naa aaye ek bargi,
Lekin aisa wakyaa bhi hota hai …
Rota hai koi tootkar tanhai mein,
Phir bhi duniya mein woh hasta hai …

Lagta hai jaise mitai thi hasti,
Sab jaise ab hara hua sa lagta hai ..
Jaane kitne wade liye-diye,
Chhootne pe sab bojhil sa dikhta hai…

Aisa hi hota hai..
K jisko jitna sambhalo,
Utna hi door chala woh jata hai !


April 5, 2007 at 8:58 pm 76 comments

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